After hearing the endorsements and praise on KLTY each morning about Standard Insurance, I decided to give them a call! As a teacher, I was covered under a “teachers only” insurance provider and did not think I could get my insurance any cheaper than it was. That was until I called Standard! I was absolutely blown away at my savings! They literally cut my auto insurance in HALF each month! Full coverage, affordable premiums, and amazing customer service! What a complete blessing they have been! Thank you Standard!

Insured: Tara
Auto: Saved 50% on her auto insurance

My previous homeowners insurance increased rates every year regardless of claim history, credit, and market appraisal. I wanted to find something better, and I heard about Standard Insurance on the radio. I called and saved $770 per year on homeowners insurance! I thought my auto policy couldn't get any lower than what it was, but I asked about bundling anyway. I was able to save $360 per year on auto insurance with no change in coverage! Plus, if I ever have to call Standard a real life local agent answers and is able to help me right away.

Insured: Russell
Auto: Saved $360
Home: Saved $770

The quote and application process was so fast and easy. I called my local office in Burleson. Both ladies I spoke to were extremely professional, quick to respond, and super friendly. Not only was the service great, they lowered my annual auto premium by $256. I am so glad that I made the call and look forward to doing business with Standard in 2015!

Insured: Heather
Auto: Saved $256

I always chuckled when someone said I saved blah blah blah on my car insurance. Then my car insurance went up by $269 for a 6 month period…so I called Standard Insurance. They were so nice and once the call was done I had saved $1400 on my car and homeowners insurance. I am now a believer and a Standard Insurance customer! I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Standard Insurance!

Insured: Nancy
Home & Auto: Saved $1400

I called them up and talked to a very friendly guy named Brian. We went through several options on how to get our rate down, we came up with one. I called my husband and said “What do you think about saving Two Thousand Dollars.” He liked it he thought it was a great idea. I can think of a lot of other things to spend two grand on. It makes me wish I would have called a long time ago. They were absolutely friendly; they asked all the right questions, to get us moving down the road.

Insured: Debbie
Auto: Saved over $2,000 on her auto Insurance

I was needing to cut monthly expenses and I heard their advertisement again and I thought I’ll check this out. I called and talked to Johnny. We were talking and he gave me the quote, I about dropped the phone. I said could you please repeat that, he did and I just didn’t believe it. After looking at what I was paying before, I am going to pay two thousand less on my car insurance.

Insured: Jenny
Auto: Saved over $2,000 on her auto Insurance

My husband called to see if we could get a lower insurance rate. They were able to save us a great amount of money. It was $1,800 for the year, we were excited. It was definitely a great savings for us we were needing some extra savings money. We have two teenage drivers. It was shocking how much money they can save us. They were extremely friendly; it was a very nice pleasant experience to work with them.

Insured: Alaina
Auto: Saved over $1,800 on her auto Insurance

I heard the commercial and decided to call Standard Insurance, they were really, really nice. Not mention the fact they saved me over $200 a year on my auto insurance. I am purchasing a new home and when he quoted me it was hardly nothing. I said is that right, he said yeah that’s right. That alone was going to save me over $500 a year. So if I roll the two together that’s over $700.

Insured: Kristen
Auto: Saved over $200 on her auto Insurance
Home: Saved over $500 on her home policy

I called Standard and spoke with Ricardo he was very nice. He walked me through the process of what coverage we were going to get. When he quoted me a price, I knew that was a good price but when I double checked what I had been paying on house and auto he saved us $844 a year. I heard the commercials and thought they could maybe save us $200-$300 but $844 that just blew me away. They're great people.

Insured: Billy
Auto & Home: Saved over $800 a year

We started out getting our daughter a new car, we had the same insurance company for years, well it was going to go up $1100 a year. So we just about had a heart attack, I remembered the commercials for Standard Insurance. I thought they could save us a couple hundred dollars, I was skeptical and so I called Standard and they were figuring out the totals and then he quoted me a new price and I said “you need to check that again that couldn’t be right” and so it was $1,350 that we save on our car insurance and then I said what if I add my homeowners insurance and he said that would be an additional $400. $1,750 it was wonderful. Thank you Thank you.

Insured: Diana
Auto: Saved over $1350
Home: Saved over $400